A life of innovation

Eduardo de Lima started out in audio as a teenager, initially assembling his first speakers and then with solid state amplifiers and push-pull valves. Many years of experience in this field eventually led him to set up his first "single ended" using 300B valves, devices that had been designed around 1930 (early in the movie theater) and had recently been rediscovered by the Audio output. The sweeping musicality and naturalness of this strange amplifier surpassed any expectation. With his "orthodox" training as a designer in Electronic Engineering gratuaded from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University in the United States (M.S.E.E.), Eduardo de Lima had a hard time accepting what he heard. The treble was limited and the bass slow and poorly controlled (characteristics known from the anachronistic 300B) but none of that mattered to him: voices and some instruments sounded real and captivating, the average range of frequencies was simply magic. Thus, Eduardo de Lima spent the following years completely dedicated to discovering the secret of this magic and how to get it without any loss at the end of the track.

In 1997 he founded AUDIOPAX, the company that would be the representation of his researche and dreams in this same year he presents his first pair of amplifier / speaker at an event dedicated to "VSAC" valves in Silverdale (USA). Also in 1997, he created the LM3 (Low Mu Triode with Higher Raw Efficiency Emulator - LMTHREE), a circuit that emulates the behavior of the 300B with simple replacement valves. This technology was used in the SE388 amplifiers, which together with the new CX305B boxes were presented at the Hi-Fi Show 98 in São Paulo (his first participation in a fair in Brazil and that later would be remembered as the "cellar room" and also in the Silverdale's VSAC of 1998, with enthusiastic response in both cases.

After several other launches, in 2001 he designed a piece of equipment that would become a legend around the world: the Model 88, one of the most innovative amplifiers of all time, with innumerable inventions in concepts, topologies and circuits, among them the concept of "Timbre Lock®", the only adjustment that adapts the distortion spectrum of the amplifier to that of the box connected to it. Model 88 has won countless awards, enthusiastic reviews and magazine covers: Stereophile Class A, Diamond Audio and Video category, Blue Moon Award at 6Moons, Hi-Fi News Industry Award and even today is still considered a reference among several reviewers worldwide.

Another absolute reference product was created in 2003: the Model 5 preamp, with numerous innovations and incorporating the same concept that had already been awarded in the Model 88 of Timbre Lock®.

He participated actively in national and international fairs between 2002 and 2006, always presenting preamplifiers, amplifiers and speakers with innovative projects. He obtained worldwide recognition and numerous quotes from "Best of the Show" from the world's leading publications. From 2007 to 2010, he focused in the national market, with the creation of new products aimed at the entry market, in partnership with Lando. Launched a new generation of its electronics and the junction of the concepts of luthieria and engineering in its new series Of speakers.

In 2011 he launched his new amplifier: the Maggiore M100. Another revolutionary project that for the first time in the market is a single ended A1 class with up to 130W of power, a dream to all music lovers. In his first review Fernando Andrette, of the magazine Audio Video Magazine, states: "I claim to be Maggiore M100 the most musical amplifier I've listened to in my entire life". In this same year he was also acclaimed in HiEnd 2011 - the largest audio fair in Brazil - and also returned to international fairs, participating in T.H.E. Show 2011 (event parallel to CES 2011) and the largest audio fair in the world: the 2011 Munich High End Show. The customary success was repeated: numerous citations as the best room in both fairs.

Eduardo de Lima at 54 years, was in his most creative phase when a problem in his aortic artery took him prematurely to his death. A few recent months before he had also designed new preamplifiers, a whole series of high-power hybrid amplifiers and two new speaker series. He also worked on revolutionary concepts, such as the definition of what really brings the recognized differential of valves and vinyls, something that would soon be applied to his next projects. Eduardo left a son, Lucas de Lima, who took over his share of the company and that will continue together with all the current team of Audiopax his father's dream - a company that brings back all the emotion that we feel with music.


Articles published in Glass Audio magazine on the impedance output of the "single ended" and their effects

Article about distortion in wedding amplifiers and boxes presented at a lecture at UFMG

About distortion in wedding amplifiers and speakers


Eduardo de Lima seen by his friends ...


QWhen I was introduced to Eduardo da Audiopax at HI FI Amcham, I had the impression that there was some mistake, because I had the feeling that I already knew him. Some time later, we talked about it, and I came to the conclusion that we knew each other not from here, but perhaps from another spiritual plane. He once told me that I was the person who had sold Audiopax the most in the world and who, perhaps, had been our previous combination.

I do not know a person of better character and ability than Eduardo. In his simplicity and with his smile, he presented his products to us; And with his unusual modesty, humility peculiar to him, was surprised by the positive impact they caused.

I had the happiness to present to Sílvio Pereira the product Audiopax and Eduardo himself. They, as well as partners, became "the lid and the pot", brother-friends. That, no doubt, must have also been part of our "combination" back there.

Those who did not believe that Maggiore could be made in Brazil - which Fernando Andrette told me was the best amplifier tested by him in his professional life - missed the opportunity to meet the creator and the creature, the human being who was at the Height of genius, Eduardo Lima. I already foresee our next reunion where I will not escape the jouissance of having seen his Fluminense Brazilian Champion before leaving.

I know he is with God, but we feel and feel your absence. Today, we are hopelessly poorer because in Brazil, so lacking in this, Eduardo stands as an example of someone who has overcome all difficulties, to show the world that, here, a Brazilian who has made "only" the best electronics in the world.

Keep in peace, dear friend, your mission here was a great lesson. The problem is the longing that stays ... You're eternal, Eduardo!

Júlio César AudioClassic

I had a very close contact with my dear friend Eduardo, it caused me great sadness of departure, I had talked to him two days before for a long time, Eduardo was very happy with the current projects and the future of Audiopax. I met him in 2004 at a fair and I was delighted with his proposal, but the values of the equipment were exorbitant so that I could get them. Three years passed and in a quick conversation on the phone, I invited him to a Concert at the Municipal Theater of Rio. There we met and after the Concert, I was invited to go to the Audiopax Show Room the next day. I anxiously waited for him at the door of the Hotel and at 8:30 a.m., smiling Eduardo appeared. The rather long drive to the site and the terrible traffic was offset by the pleasant conversation we had. When I arrived at the place I saw that it was not a Show Room, Eduardo had taken me to his house, I sincerely felt very honored to be there.

His room was large and I did not notice any acoustic treatment, just large curtains behind the setup. There I first heard the Model 55 and Model 88, side by side, and I could see their differences and similarities. As I took some Cds of tests, I put it calmly one by one. I remember Eduardo annotating everyone, because they found it too complex to reproduce accurately. Everything I've heard will be marked forever in my memory because of the beauty of the timbres, speed and transparency. It was on this day that I considered myself hostage of Audiopax's sound. I can not tell which eyes shone the most, we were perplexed and surrendered for that moment. We listened to music for 3 hours and we did not get tired. I came out sure that I had found the sound of my dreams, but how to do it? Eduardo was an incredibly generous guy with me, I made a business from father to son. You can be sure that I was in no condition to buy Audiopax setup, but Eduardo found a way.

Eduardo himself came home to deliver the equipment, we spent the afternoon setting up the setup, and in a moment Eduardo remembered that he had left the valves of the Pre APX 01. The Model 5 had not yet been ready and he loaned me the APX 01. Later Of a moment of tension and disappointment of the two of us, I told Eduardo to relax and went to Frans Café and talked for hours. There I was able to get to know him better. Eduardo was shy but with an easy smile, his eyes sparkled like a happy child, I was in front of a genius of the art of audio who never allowed himself to be prided by the compliments he heard, this characteristic of genius, humility and character were unique to him . All the compliments I have given to Him over the years, all of them as constructive criticisms, have been viewed with the same simplicity.

Eduardo did not like to talk about himself, his humility was above his honor, I never heard him criticize or speak ill of another classmate, never, never.

It was very enriching for me all the moments that I spent next to Eduardo, could write several pages here, but still would be very little.

Our many conversations, laughter, his advice, his legacy, his sympathy, his smile, his simplicity, his humility and his friendship will be forever in my memory.

Miss you, my friend

Cesar Miranda Violinist from OSESP


I believe that the best way to honor the dear friend Eduardo de Lima, who has gone to the pinnacle of his creativity and genius, is to share with the old and new readers facts that I have had the honor of living with him in the last 16 years. We know each other by the market contingencies: he as a manufacturer of audio equipment, and I as editor of the magazine and organizer of Hi-End Show. Our approach and friendship were born of the common passion for music and quantum physics. When we discovered that we shared the same interests in these two areas, we started talking to each other almost every day, even though we were separated by more than 500 km!

But all history has a beginning, and ours could not be more emblematic, since from his first phone call, asking if there was still a space in the Hi-End Show of 1997 (because he wanted to present his new valve amplifier and his new box), I discovered that I would meet a different person. I remember his arrival at the venue (a mansion in Morumbi) just a day before the opening, with an amplifier full of hanging components, a speaker box with speakers still to be placed in the cabinet, and a salon with Soldering iron etc. As there was no more available space, he agreed to stay in the cellar of the house, a place with poor acoustic conditions, small dimensions and that allowed only one person at a time listening to the system! He had all the conditions for his presentation to be a fiasco, and yet it was such a great success that his system was voted by the public the best sound of the event!

The question after the end of the event that everyone did was: Who is Eduardo de Lima? Where did that figure come from, Professor Sparrow, Einstein, and that nerdy friend we all had at school? I quickly discovered that he was a captivating, generous, humble person who always treated everyone who approached in the same way and without distinction, whether he was a potential buyer or just an admirer. His generosity and humility was so inherent in his character that I had never seen him speak ill of anyone in his 16 years of existence. And even after gaining notoriety and international respect, his stance remained the same as ever.

When Eduardo spoke about his new projects, he did it in such an exciting way that he immediately created the will to know them, but then he always ended with a phrase that told me a lot about his integrity and correctness as a human being: 'I am not Saying that it is better, but that it is different. ' And it has always been right in its assertion, its products will still take years to be appreciated with due rigor of quality and precision, which not only makes them different from all hi-end products, but puts them in a class apart from everything That hitherto existed! It was so with the amplifier presented at the 1997 Hi-End Show, as with all the products it has launched since. Those of us who have been with us for a long time know that I have tested the Model 5 and 7 preamplifiers and the Model 88 and Maggiore amplifiers, and in all these evaluations I have made it very explicit how impressively my products impressed me! When I listened to the Model 5 preamplifier, I called Eduardo and called him Niels Bohr (a Danish physicist who used the idea of ​​light quantum in 1913 to suggest that in the whole atom world there are a number of jumps Quantum). He was surprised and honored to make an association of his findings in the 'distortion interaction' plane with the quantum leap theory. My analogy with the quantum leap was the possibility that the Model 5 gives the user the ability to match his preamplifier with any cable between the source and the pre, and between this and the power, by setting the timbre lock! Freedom has never been brought to that level in any other preamplifier I know of.

I remember Eduardo's acceptance by suggesting to him the use of the concept of 'The lightness of sound' in the communication and advertising of the powers Model 88. I suggested this concept by the simple fact that the immediate sensation when coupling the Model 5 to the monobloc Model 88, and adjusting the timbre lock of both products, allowed us to listen to 'events' not present in other equipment, creating a window capable of 'sustain' and present the most subtle or almost nonexistent details! When I presented my observations of the pair, I again called Niels Bohr, but now making an analogy with the physicist in relation to his statement, that 'Electrons are not waves or particles'. I wanted to give you the feeling that I had the two Audiopax together, depending on the degree of the observer could present the musical content in a micro dimension or changing the setting in a macro dimension! This sound phenomenon gained notoriety here in Brazil and abroad, and made Eduardo de Lima the first Brazilian hi-end audio designer to win awards and admirers in the United States and Europe.

Since 2009, Audiopax was preparing for a new commercial and worldwide leap, and I was an eyewitness to how this strategy was being drawn. Eduardo was in the last two years producing like never before, and Maggiore 100 was only the first act of this new scenario that was being drawn. Their new hybrid amp and pre-featured on the last Hi-End Show in October were to be dispatched for testing, and if all went well they would be published in the March 2013 issue.

On November 18 we talked for a long time, and Eduardo, as well as happy with the new products, confessed for the first time that he believed that he had finally made the amplifier that I could use in my reference system. I was even more curious, for he had never claimed that a product had to replace the ones I use (although I used Model 5 for four years as one of my gifts). This was his friend Eduardo de Lima, always very careful in the observations, his certainties he kept them for himself, never imposing them on anyone! We all mourn the departure of those we love. Some people spend a lot of time in mourning, others go to work to try to support the loss, but everyone who survives needs the compassion of time to learn to live with pain and longing!

My pain for the loss of my friend, after much reflection, I wish to translate in honor, creating the Eduardo de Lima prize. Our goal is to discover young talented designers in the area of stereo audio, and help them enter the market. The winner will have a place in the Hi-End Show 2013, test published in the magazine in the September 2013 issue and three full-page ads, all entirely free, as well as the marketing of your product in the Hi-End Solutions showroom! Interested parties can request the registration form immediately by e-mail: [email protected] A panel of judges will evaluate all products, and the winner will be presented to the market in the August 2013 issue.

As I wrote this text, for a few moments I came to mind a poem by the writer Rabindranath Tagore, which I like very much, since it synthesizes the feeling of all those who did not content themselves with just being a number on this planet. They are people who have launched into life full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and who have risked their existence in the search for the new and the unknown.

'I listened And I looked With wide eyes. I saw my soul In the world Looking for the unknown Not known. And sing loudly In my amazement!' Tagore

Fernando Andrette Club of the Audio and Vídeo

I was received as a CAVI collaborator at a HI-FI Show about ten years ago. I visited the Audiopax room, I saw Eduardo de Lima, but I did not have the courage to approach. I knew him by name. Not only for Brazilian magazines, but for the web. Outside, he was considered one of the world's greatest audio authorities. And I was critical of ... cinema. What to say to someone who haunted me, who had invented the sound of my dreams?

There is a kind of biannual valve symposium dealing with all possible applications of the component. From domestic audio to missile systems. A few years ago, in the Netherlands, Eduardo de Lima was honored.

Norway has decided that the production of audiophile systems will be one of the economic activities to receive support and incentives from the government. The country has chosen five equipment as an absolute reference for research and development. Of the five, two are from Brazil's Audiopax.

Since Eduardo was the most modest man in the world, this was said with a shy smile instead of big letters on the Internet or in the newspapers.

Coming back, the following year I visited the HIFI Show to write an article about the audience's view of the event. After two days, more than 20 hours of intense work going through the entire fair to gather a hundred testimonials, I went into the Audiopax room to rest - and listen to what I wanted. It was dark and the chairs all occupied. I leaned against the wall and stood. In the gloom, a fellow approached, bent over ostensibly to read my badge and began to laugh:

"What are you, Ricardo?" Guy, I find your text very funny.

It was Eduardo de Lima. And we talked about what was left of the night. I was so tired that at some point I do not know how, I got unbalanced, and with my back against the wall I slipped to the floor. Not to embarrass his interlocutor, Eduardo pretended that this was not a pathetic fall and sat on the floor as well. This has a name: it is called "fidalguia".

As that year APX 03H (today, LandoAPX Argos 246) was considered the best sound of entry by the popular jury, I asked Fernando Andrette to authorize an article about the integrated one. He had done it himself, but I had a different, subjective perspective, and he generously.

I went to 03h at Audiopax. Eduardo had already warned, he could only talk to me for 15 minutes. I got there around five in the afternoon. One thirty in the morning my wife called to ask where I was. He was there with Eduardo, who canceled appointments so he could talk. And I got the promise that he would come to my house the next Saturday for lunch.

He arrived early because he could not stay long. He left our house around eleven o'clock. I have never known a mind so agile, so brilliant, lucid and visionary in such a noble spirit. All the people to whom I introduced Edward were taken away by him, which was a hyperbolic expression of humanity.

Eduardo de Lima was one of the most extraordinary men I've ever met.

And now that it's gone, the memories flow like a river. One of them, in particular, reveals part of the character of man.

My son, who was about six at the time, asked if Eduardo liked Mr. Bean. He liked. Then the guri called him to watch a little, and there they went hand in hand.

Half an hour later, where's Eduardo?

He was sitting on the floor of the room with my son on his lap, and hugging a 60 kg Labrador sitting on his hind legs - quiet for the first time in his life. I stood in the doorway of the room watching the scene while the two children laughed and the dog remained in peace ...

When someone leaves, they say it is the will of God. This is a mistake. It is God's will that no one should die: we are created for Eternity. What is fulfilled, when one leaves us, is Life itself. And those memories so simple and so extraordinary that they transform us and make us thank the Creator for the gift of knowing their best children - to thank the privilege of having crossed our lives -, for these memories we must pass on. Just to prove we can all be better people.

Like my friend - the best friend anyone could have - Eduardo de Lima.

"Blessed are those who die in the Lord, for their works are with them: 'Yea, saith the Spirit,' That they may rest from their labors. ' (Revelation 14:13)