The iNFiNiT! racks are the newest products of the "Luthier" line and have been developed to control the structural vibrations of the hearing rooms as well as those generated with the sound pressure changes generated by the system itself.The design is based on the association of the vibration control characteristics of three different materials:

  • Solid wood of high density (over 1 ton per m3) as the main support of the equipment. The two selected woods ( Ipê and Cumarú ) were chosen after numerous tests due to their sonorous characteristics and because they were extremely hard and oily they required the development of special techniques for cutting / leveling (Made in CNC), gluing and final finishing.

  • Acetal - an industrial compound similar in texture to teflon but with steel strength. Its function is to insulate the wood from aluminum supports (which in themselves play no role in vibration control) by keeping the shelves "floating" relative to the rack frame. It is a widely used material in turntable parts, feet of reference CD Players and transformer holders for their vibration control features.

  • Polymer special - used in the connection between the rack and the floor and with an enormous capacity of control of vibrations in extremely low Frequencies.

The result: a combination that combines a unique finish with unmatched performance in absorbing vibrations in a listening environment.

Your name: iNFiNiT!

Nobility, beauty, durability and efficiency perfectly aligned!