What makes a Audiopax one Audiopax?

1. A unique view of projects

Our speakers are born, as well as all other Audiopax products, visions and unique concepts that generated technologies, topologies and unique circuits. His impressive set of innovations is unheard of in this market, where developments differential on the already known represent normality.

His first differential born of real application of concepts related to human perception to its circuit: all dynamic behaviors in its operation are prioritized in relation to static. A seemingly simple concept but that goes against the teaching of Engineering itself, where the vision and analysis of dynamic flows (such as currents) are usually crowded by a set of static concepts (as tensions). What could be a means ends up becoming an end: almost all market projects have in essence the search for a balanced set of static values. And the difference is clearly seen when first hearing a Audiopax.

An important aspect where these concepts are applied is the behavior towards distortions - design our equipment to have the minimum variation of distortion function of frequency, power and impedance. This is so different from what is practiced by the market that goes against the very specification used worldwide to measure the distortion, made under absolutely static bases the figure obtained at a given frequency and a given power. It's information so uncorrelated with our perception of course condemn, as human beings, to their real (and zero) value: who today rely choosing any equipment for this simplistic specification?