ASTAT ("Asymmetrical Series-Twin Amplifier Topology") is the carefully controlled combination of slightly different output transformers connected in series. This concept, when added to carefully designed independent sources for each valve (MPS), generates a radically innovative form of musical reproduction.

The use of this exclusive technology enabled the creation of the first single ended amplifier in class A1 with up to 130W, the dream of all audiophiles in the world and only now it has beenaccomplished. Each channel (left / right) of our amplifiers is, in fact, the composition of several complete and independent channels (6 for each Maggiore M100 and 2 for each Model 88) acting asymmetrically to obtain maximum control of the desired parameters, guaranteeing power with stability.

The concept is unique in the audio market, despite being used in other fields: the stability of a helicopter, for example, is obtained by devices that generate asymmetric forces, in a format quite analogous to the one used in our amplifiers.