To understand the IDS® concept, we need to go back to the beginning of the spoken cinema, when the first amplifiers were created using 300B valves . Because of their unique timbre quality, they were "rediscovered" by the audio world around the last decade of the twentieth century.

AUDIOPAX's 300B projects were soon replaced by the LM3, a circuit that emulated the same charm of these devices with different valves. However, along with their recognized qualities in the middle region, the 300B had some disadvantages, especially at the extremes of the range. Then a challenging idea emerges: if it is possible to emulate a specific valve, why not emulate an ideal valve for audio? A valve that never existed and added to all the magic of the 300B, the dynamics of the 845/211, the transparency of the 2A3 and the perfect timbre of the 45?

The challenge has been overcome with the IDS - Ideal Device Simulator , which makes Model 88 the only single ended valve amp that uses a dream valve never before produced - the Triode Ideal for Audio.