Audiopax preamplifiers redefines the role of these components in an audio system, materializing in a direct and controllable way the concept of "synergy" between its components. They are the only preamplifiers in the world to aggregate the Timbre Lock® technology, allowing to set the minimal perceived distortion in a system as a whole and during the hearing itself, escaping from the conventional concept of measures in individual components. Because of this their inclusion in systems is often described as "magic", revealing all nuances, dynamics, intentions and emotions of Music and Musicians, something usually only found in live performances.

Other features and innovations also contribute to the maximum performance of systems in which they are inserted: the absolute lack of feedback, an unprecedented and a unique MOSFET topology, where this component characteristics are effectively used to work very close to the valves (many customers consider the inclusion of Audiopax preamplifier as a "tube element” into their systems) and an innovative use of inductive loads (unlike conventional resistive loads), where the final dynamic perceived is raised to the levels difficult to achieve by any other preamplifier on the market. No wonder that the Model 5 accumulates an impressive number of excellent reviews, awards and "Best of the Show" in the world's top audio shows.

Extended frequency response, exceptional low level resolution, dynamic and visceral tremendous immunity to load variations. Refinement and innovation raise our preamplifiers to the reference category.